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Hebrew Publishing for splendor & magnificence in publishing. Seforim published with unique expertise. From Typing Hebrew manuscripts, Hebrew Proofreading, Hebrew Editing, Hebrew Translating to Graphic design & printing.  Events, dinners and hachnosas sefer torah all media designed and printed.



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Become a Published Author NOW!

Unique expertise in editing books, from start to finish.

Our book production experience includes project management, technical editing, copyediting, design and graphics preparation, page layout, proofreading, and indexing. We can provide all these services or just the mix the customer needs for the project at hand. Our customer list includes very important Corporation, as you can see.

Get A Quote For Your Publishing Project NOW!


Get A Quote For Your Typing Project NOW!

We have a team of PROFESSIONAL TYPISTS with over a decade of typing experience. Our team offers the highest degree of accuracy, and we guarantee quick and satisfactory completion of all typing works at the most competitive rates.

We provide our service to suit all needs, whether you are an individual with a single piece of work that requires typing, or you are an Author writing a book, or a Sefer.

We offer fast turnaround and excellent prices for turning PDF files, scanned documents, typed as well as handwritten manuscripts into MS Word format. We take pride in giving a fast turnaround and make sure that your manuscripts are delivered well ahead of time!
If you need help with documents that are smudgy, not clear, pixellated, not fit for OCR or of poor handwriting, you can hire us immediately. We hold expertise in converting such documents into editable format with bare minimum errors.

We also do OCR.Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Optical character recognition (OCR) is the process of converting data from printed pages or scanned text images which are not editable. By this process the image of text and tables can be converted into the electronic format so that they can now be edited.


If you need professional and prompt Hebrew translation services, we will help you to obtain the most accurate Hebrew to English translations available. We provide our clients with Hebrew translations offered by native speaking Hebrew translators, All our Hebrew translators who are native speakers are well-trained professionals with at least five years of experience in Hebrew translation. Even the most complex multilingual projects of English to Hebrew translation or Hebrew to English translation won't be a problem for our expert Hebrew translators. We are ready to meet all your requirements concerning your Hebrew translation anytime you wish. Whether it is a letter, document, website, contract, Sefer or any other type of material, our Translaters will be ble to provide professional English to Hebrew translations or Hebrew to English translations in the required format.

When you choose hebrewpublishing.com you can be absolutely sure of professional, accurate and culturally sensitive translations, and with our fast turnaround time we guarantee your translation will be ready when you need it!

We will be pleased to give you a free, no-obligation quote.


Get A Quote For Your Proofreading Project NOW!

You may wish to have your manuscript proofread by a professional proofreader, we offer this service to our authors.

Almost all writers recognise the benefits of having their work checked over by a professional or friend who has the required skills, for grammar, spelling, punctuation and general consistency of name spelling, locations etc. within their book. We would suggest that in order to have your Sefer or book presented in its best possible light, it should be checked over by someone other than you the writer, prior to the production stage.It is often difficult to proofread your own work. When you write your own articles or research papers, it is quite natural to overlook typos or small grammatical mistakes. We tend to overlook simple errors even after reading the work several times over. A fresh set of eyes can easily detect such errors.

Try out our Proofreading services. We comb every document for even the finest errors including typographical errors, misspellings and formatting inconsistencies.


Get A Quote For Editing Your Project NOW!

Editing is another worthwhile and some would say vital, exercise for the writer who is really taking their writing seriously.

If you have written a book where the central storyline is strong and absorbing, you want the reader to have their full attention on what is happening in the story, not on where this piece or that piece could have been better written. Equally if someone of influence within the publishing world is reading your book, you want them to be impressed with what they are reading, not annoyed at the poor structure.

If best selling authors value their editors above almost everyone else there must be a good reason! We offer an editing service by our professional writing team,  it might be the best money spent prior to having your book published.

Remember, you never know who will be reading your book once it is printed and available for sale, so you obviously don’t want to have your reader distracted by annoying little errors that could have easily been corrected before it was printed.


Get A Quote For Laying Out Your Project NOW!

We offer profesional layout to impress all its readers.

When laying out the pages of a book, our designers use insights and techniques to create a layout design that will draw a reader into the book and keep them there. We pay attention to the smallest of details to give the book a professional quality layout.

Your book deserves to look the best

We will take your Microsoft Word document and make it look great whilst ensuring that you have complete control over the look and feel of your book. Whatever category your book belongs in: novel, self-help, autobiography, business or cookbook it deserves to look the best and we will make sure that it does.

Our designer will be happy to advise on appropriate fonts and a suggested layout or follow your brief if you already have a clear idea of what you want.

Indexing & Summary

A good book deserves a good index. A staff of professional indexers makes the book a true reference, by ensuring the reader can locate the information he or she needs. The quality of a book's index can often affect its overall ranking and success in the marketplace. It's usually best to have a professional indexer thoroughly distill the contents of a book and create a truly professional index.


Book Design & Graphics

Get A Quote For Your Graphics Project NOW!

If you're a publishing company you might supply us with specifications and template files for the book design based on one of your existing book series. We can implement your supplied design or create an original design for your book by employing a graphic designer. Technical designs must be functional as well as attractive, and they should be efficient to implement in a fast-paced production environment.

Book Cover

Get A Quote For A Book Cover For Your Project NOW!

Eighty percent of all Seforim and books are sold based on the cover design alone.

The cover design is the single most important marketing tool used to sell your book.

If you have illustrations or photographs you would like to include in your cover design, our designers will incorporate these images into your cover design.A book really is judged by its cover and we will create a bespoke cover that reflects your vision for your book.



Get A Quote For Your Printing Project NOW!

Printing specifications, here will iyh be shortly list of all printing specifications to choose from.
Hebrew printing and publishing today offers many details to choose from. For now feel free to ask us and choose from our offers.

Full color publishing

Hebrew Publishing can now offer authors the chance to produce and print full colour books. With the change in Print on Demand technology, this mean that we can now print your self published books in full colour. Full colour self published books are perfect for children's book, cookery books, family history books etc. Your colour book can have a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 480 in paperback or hardback.

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Books published by Ohr Chodosh Institution, For the ultimate in perfection, splendor and magnificence in publishing.