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Hebrew Publishing for splendor & magnificence in publishing. Seforim published with unique expertise. From Typing Hebrew manuscripts, Hebrew Proofreading, Hebrew Editing, Hebrew Translating to Graphic design & printing.  Events, dinners and hachnosas sefer torah all media designed and printed.



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Estimates are based on a 2000 chars per page average for typing and proofreading, and a 1300 chars per pages average for layout pages.
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$8.00 per page - including up to 2000 characters, in clear writing. Additional fees may be charged for unclear writing.
$250 - Sample request, send me a proofread version of one page.


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Get A Quote For Your Proofreading Project NOW!

You may wish to have your manuscript proofread by a professional proofreader, we offer this service to our authors.

Almost all writers recognise the benefits of having their work checked over by a professional or friend who has the required skills, for grammar, spelling, punctuation and general consistency of name spelling, locations etc. within their book. We would suggest that in order to have your Sefer or book presented in its best possible light, it should be checked over by someone other than you the writer, prior to the production stage.It is often difficult to proofread your own work. When you write your own articles or research papers, it is quite natural to overlook typos or small grammatical mistakes. We tend to overlook simple errors even after reading the work several times over. A fresh set of eyes can easily detect such errors.

Try out our Proofreading services. We comb every document for even the finest errors including typographical errors, misspellings and formatting inconsistencies.